Carbon Steel Tube

Functionality, Strength, Weight Reductions

Carbon Steel Products

Carbon Steel
We produce our carbon steel tube products up to structural standards which are subject to all of our in process physical destructive tests as well as electrical non-destructive testing.

We produce over 150 variations on our basic products. The difference may be corner radius, tolerance or a specific shape which is non-standard. Contact us if you have a requirement for something out of the ordinary.

Our structural “roll-cage” welded tube complies with the MANZ requirement set out in Motorsport Association Technical Publication Bulletin 95-02.

Telescoping round and square products are available in 1.2mm wall thickness. Learn more about Telescoping below

Carbon Steel Information – Click on a link to open (PDF)
Mild Steel NZTM-Q30B1 – Mild Steel, High strength, Semi Bright. Round Tube Weight & Bundle size
High Strength NZTM-Q30B2 – Mild Steel, High strength, Semi Bright. Rectangular Tube Weight & Bundle size
Semi-bright NZTM-Q30B3 – Mild Steel, High strength, Semi Bright. Square Tube Weight & Bundle size
4D NZTM-Q30B4 – Mild Steel, High strength, Semi Bright. Flat Sided Oval Tube Weight & Bundle size

Galvanised Carbon Steel Products

Galvanised Pipe
We produce our galvanised profiles from pre-galvanised coil with zinc coating of Z275 & Z450 (grams of zinc coat per square metre) and to various tensile strengths. If we do not specify your requirement please contact us for more information.

The zinc galvanising coat offers corrosion resistance in a wide range of applications.

Galvanised Information – click on a link to open (PDF)
G250 / Z275 NZTM-Q30C1 – Gal G250 Round Tube Weight & Bundle Size
G310 / Z450 NZTM-Q30C2 – Gal G250 Rectangular Tube Weight & Bundle Size
NZTM-Q30C3 – Gal G250 Square Tube Weight & Bundle Size
Rectangle Profiles
G310 / Z450 NZTM-Q30C2

Aluminised Carbon Steel Products

Aluminised Pipe
We have been working with aluminised product for over 30 years as the mainstay of our automotive business. We do not produce the muffler component but produce tubular products for the after sales use.

If you have an interest in the product please contact us to find out our manufacturing minimum order points.

Aluminised Information – click on a link to open (PDF)
Aliclad Tube Weight &
Bundle Size
NOTE: Click here for available sizes


Telescoping tube adds extra strength. Common uses are in tent poles, shop fittings, furniture and architectural features.

General notes:

  • The internal tube can be of any wall thickness
  • The external tube can only be of 1.2mm wall thickness
  • Material can be of carbon steel or galvanised steel.

To ensure we manufacture the correct product for your needs, each enquiry is treated as custom. We will talk to you to make sure we have the correct internal controls in place for the specific fit you require.

Contact us about telescoping products here.

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